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Brand identity and design

Because we understand your needs, we like to think the best way to achieve your goal.

Before we start a new project, we need to understand what a brand is: “A brand is a name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller’s goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers” (American Marketing Association).

Once your brand has been designed, we move on to branding: (how you promote your brand and grow your reputation): Pretty much everything you do for your business is considered branding. For example: your logo, your employees, your uniforms, your office or shop, social media presence, your website, etc.

It doesn’t matter what product or service you provide, the idea is to stand out from the rest and make people choose you instead of others.

We can help you with:
→ Logo Design & Corporate Identity
→ Company Branding Guidelines
→ Stationery (business cards, letterheads, brochures)
→ Packaging
→ Interior and Exterior graphics

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